Thermit Welding Processes

1 Inch SKV Process - This is the typical process used to join two rails together and has been in use for decades.

1.5 Inch SKV Process - This is a newer process that provides slightly wider gap and more Thermit®, allowing for a longer solidification period, which helps reduce the potential for internal inclusions. It is a more forgiving process for the operator, making it easier to install a sound weld.

2.75 Inch Wide Gap Weld -This process is generally used to replace a defective Thermit® or Flashbutt weld.

Full Head Repair Weld - This is a process that is used, after a defect is identified, in the head of the rail via an ultrasonic detection car. The rail does not need to be cut all the way through. The defect is removed from the head by grinding, and a Thermit® weld is performed to fill the removed area. This unique process is a dramatically significant savings to railroads in labor and material. However, one of the most important advantages is that the stress-free temperature (longitudinal stress) within the rail is not disturbed.

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